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Chunk Systems Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia
+61 2 9698 9302

DSP and software engineering services

Chunk Systems supplies Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and software engineering consulting services to many of the big names in DSP, audio and design in Australia and around the world. Choose Chunk to come up with a creative solution for your next product quickly and efficiently.

Our services and experience are summarised below, but please contact us for further details.

our people

Richard Cartwright, Chief Engineer at Chunk Systems, began accumulating engineering experience well before graduating from the University of New South Wales with a first class honours degree in electrical engineering in 1997. He has over 15 years experience in DSP algorithm design, DSP software development, realtime audio software development for Windows, 2D and 3D graphics software and electronic design.

Richard spent over 4 years as a Senior Research Engineer at Lake Technology, now part of Dolby, where he was instrumental in the development of a swag of groundbreaking DSP and audio products. Since 2001, Richard has been in business for himself as the core of Chunk Systems, providing professional engineering consulting services and developing products. An accomplished assembly, C, C++ and Java programmer, Richard has developed a reputation for coming up with creative solutions to problems and implementing them quickly and effectively.

our skills

Our areas of interest and expertise include:

  • audio
  • DSP algorithms
  • DSP software
  • embedded software
  • Windows software
  • realtime programming
  • 2D and 3D graphics
  • electronic design

our DSP and CPU experience

Specific CPUs, DSPs and DSP-related technologies we have experience with:

our software skills

Other software technologies we have significant experience with:

  • 2D and 3D graphics with OpenGL and Direct3D.
  • Realtime audio on PCs using DirectX and ASIO.
  • Windows application development with Win32 and MFC.
  • Windows kernel mode driver development.
  • Network programming with TCP and UDP sockets.
  • Cross-platform application development with wxWidgets.
  • Compiler and parser development with Bison and Flex.

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