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Agent 00Funk

envelope filter

The Agent 00Funk (pronounced "Agent Double O Funk") is the world's most flexible envelope filter. Use it to turn your electric bass, guitar, keyboard or virtually any mono sound source into instant funky squelching fatness. This model is now obsolete and has been superseded by the Agent 00Funk Mark II.

Agent 00Funk envelope filter


  • superior controllability - 7 independently variable parameters, including independent effect and bypass gain controls, give you the sound you're after regardless of whether you use it with bass, guitar, clav, drum machine, synth or indeed any mono sound source.
  • great sound - Clean analogue signal paths coupled with a highly resonant, super linear 12 dB/octave low-pass filter give you a tone that goes from clean and subtle all the way into gigantic squelching mayhem.
  • heavy duty - Chunky 2mm steel chassis finished in a lurid purple powder coat to withstand the rigours of the road and please your eyes.
  • control voltage loop - Allows the filter to be controlled from an analogue synth, MIDI-to-CV converter or another Agent 00Funk. It also provides for expandability with future Chunk Systems products.
  • pop-free switching - Special crossfade circuit completely eliminates switching noise. Perfect for use with a DI box.
  • battery friendly - Unlike other envelope filters, the Agent 00Funk is designed to give you many many hours of continuous use from a 9V battery, which clips conveniently into a pull-out magazine - no more messing with screws or fragile wires. Of course, you can also run it from a DC power supply.
  • handmade - Agent 00Funk is lovingly handmade in Australia to order and shipped to you direct from the manufacturer.


  • input - 1/4" mono audio input jack.
  • output - 1/4" mono audio output jack.
  • CV send - 1/4" control voltage loop send jack.
  • CV return - 1/4" control voltage loop return jack.
  • power - 2.1mm optional power supply socket (9-24V regulated DC, tip-negative).
  • battery - snap-in 9V battery magazine.


Here's what users and reviewers are saying about the Agent 00Funk:

"I've owned the Mutron, Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron, and the EBS BassIQ and this definitely surpasses all of them. Excellent work."

- Adam Wright, Texas, USA

"I'm extremely happy with my Agent 00Funk. It is by far the best envelope filter pedal I have used."

- Mike Torczon, Nebraska, USA

"A big thanks to the mad professor who designed the circuitry of the Agent 00Funk pedal. The crazy sounds it makes will bring joy to countless people in clubs and pubs across Brisbane. A world class sound. The filter sweep is smooth as silk and it doesn't loose the bottom end of the sound, unlike cheap imitations."

- Allan "Ace" Boulton, Brisbane, Australia

"I never leave home without it, even when I'm not going to a gig. Its useful for subdueing overenthusiastic groupies due to its sturdy construction and will turn even the naffest of drum beats into mutant squelching acid."

- Luke Dearnley, Sub Bass Snarl, Sydney, Australia

"Guitarists experimenting with envelope filters have often been rewarded with glitches and muddy signal and little to recommend them. Step up to the plate Agent 00Funk - with its extensive parametric controls and 'up/down' operation, the Chunk Systems pedal allows guitarists (and indeed virtually any electronic instrumentalist) to tweak the effect and achieve a solid enhanced tone that is far more attractive than your past experience with this style of effect might lead you to assume. [...] Does a guitarist need an envelope filter? [...] A control voltage loop promises further enhancement via future Chunk Systems devices, making Agent 00Funk expandable, so that not only do I need an envelope filter, I think I probably need three!"

- Australian Guitar Magazine, Volume 12

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